Our Mission

Our mission for MarcUS for Change is to improve the academic, social, and mental well being of at-risk middle school boys by coordinating local and national opportunities for mentoring, academic support, extracurricular opportunities, and social development. Our goal is to inspire our Stamford youth to reach for success. The support networks that positively influenced Marcus’ development during his middle and high school years inspire our approach.


The support networks that positively influenced Marcus’ development during his middle and high school years


To bring similar networks to other Stamford youth in need of academic, mentoring, and social support



1) Raising Awareness

Building awareness within our community of the existing needs of at-risk youth, and the support networks currently in place to help meet these needs

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2) Fundraising

Raising funds to better equip our local organizations with the resources to continue meeting the needs of at-risk youth


3) Connecting

Working to prevent youth from missing opportunities for personal growth and community support

Our mission is also sensitive to the need for improving educational awareness about gun violence and the heightened vulnerability of youth who are at greater risk for being involved in violent and destructive activities.



No 'One Size Fits All' Formula

…exists for meeting the need’s of a child’s development, particularly for middle school boys who may face unique sets of circumstances at home, at school, and within their communities.

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Tailored, Comprehensive Support

Each program participant will aim to produce the following critical outcomes of improved academic, social, and mental development:

  • Increased access to a coordinated and accountable community support network
  • Increased school attendance and academic performance
  • Increased sense of confidence, self-worth, and community support
  • Decreased involvement in violent and destructive activities, including drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, violence, and sexual activity
Securing Positive Developments

Securing these positive developments before entering high school will enhance participants’ chances of maintaining constructive activities and attitudes into adulthood. The roots of at-risk behavior often emerge in elementary and middle school with low achievement patterns, low self-esteem, and frequent absences. The sooner “at-risk” students are identified, the more likely that preventative measures will be effective.

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